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Unlock Complete Data Governance: Discovery, Quality, Glossary, Lineage, Modeling, Security, and Master Data — All in One Open-Source Platform.

What is Open Data Discovery Platform?

Unlock the power of big data with OpenDataDiscovery Platform. Experience seamless end-to-end insights, powered by unprecedented observability and trust - from ingestion to production - while building your ideal tech stack!

Data Doesn’t Have to Break

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Democratize data and accelerate insights

Find data that fits your use case and discover hints left by your peers to leverage existing knowledge. Explore tags, ownership details, links to other sources and other information to shorten and simplify data discovery phase.

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Find Issues In Seconds And See Who Got Affected

Forget unnerved stakeholders and wasting too much time on digging the root cause of data issues when it fails. With ODD’s automatic company-wide ingestion-to-product lineage you’ll have answers in just seconds and stakeholders won’t need to wait.

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Add Any Data Quality Tool To Keep Your Data In Check

Sleep well, knowing all your data is in check. Forget manual testing, days of debugging, and weeks of worrying. Know the impact of each code change with automatic testing. Enjoy lineage and alerts powered with data quality information.

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Smart Alerts For All Owners Of Affected Entities

Be the first one to know about data incidents. ODD Platform alerts you right after the first ETL execution — before a new model gets a chance to train on wrong data or your report misinformes someone.

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Bring Data and ML Teams together

Facilitate and scale ML operations. ODD Platform makes ML world a part of data discovery by operating ML entities as first citizens. Now your Data science and Data Engineering teams are on the same page. Onboard new data people just by granting access to the platform.

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Plug In Any Data Sources And Draw Insights

Save hours on finding and understanding data. ODD offers truly end-to-end data discovery, lineage, and collaboration on data products. Based on an open standard for collecting metadata, it allows to bring in an unlimited variety of tools, data catalogs and feature stores.

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Simplify and Tackle Your Reference Data Challenges

Simplify your Master Data Management (MDM) with ODD's Lookup Tables, integrating them effortlessly into your Data Governance framework. This feature streamlines the creation and maintenance of reference data, ensuring its accuracy and structure.


Trusted by modern data-driven companies

Gain confidence in what you ship. Catch data issues before they end up in production.

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The missing piece of your modern data stack

Plug in any of your tools and data sources, including ML ecosystem and other data catalogs

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